Protecting Freedom Through Resposibility

I am opposed to forced vaccination. If government can stick a needle in your arm against your will and inject the potentially harmful, what can’t it do? Where is the line? There is no maybe line, since the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution allows the government to force-sterilize people!

There is a proverb in the legal community, “bad cases make for bad law.” The best way for us to maintain our rights, I think, is to be responsible with them. In elementary school, I learned that my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins. Likewise, when I start spreading a disease to you, my right not to vaccinate ends.

So how do you balance my right to not to be vaccinated with your right to not be sick? How will I be able to be responsibly unvaccinated so the government does not want to take my rights away? Some parents think this is think simple. All they have to do is not going around others when they are showing symptoms of disease.

I wish it was easy. Unfortunately, there are diseases protected by vaccines that prior to showing symptoms are able to spread for days. For example, someone can get the measles because they walked through a room you were in an hour ago, when you will not display any symptoms until the next day.

In the most extreme example found in my research, there is a disease called hepatitis A, which in general is much more dangerous for adults than it is for children. Small children can be contagious 6 months without ever showing any symptoms. (Next time someone tries to tell you small children are fragile and have weak immune systems, let them chew on that!)

So, of course when you are sick you should not be around other people, but you should really do more to be responsible. You need to avoid people who have recently been any place where a disease you are not protected against is common. In other words, you will probably need to avoid an international tourist destinations.

If you live in a location with low vaccination rates, in order to keep disease from spread as quickly as possible, consider moving to a place with a higher vaccination rate somewhere.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice for liberty.

More than anything, stay away from people with immunodeficiency and others especially susceptible to complications from the diseases you have chosen not to vaccinate against. These people are generally very young, very old, or very frail, but research who is most susceptible to the diseases for the vaccines you avoided.

Remember that many nasty diseases, including some of those that vaccines prevent, begin to feeling like a cold, so whatever sniffle means that the responsible thing is staying at home.

The last way to be responsible is to be honest. I do not go broadcasting my vaccination status, but it would be irresponsible for me to lie when asked. If I lied about my child’s vaccination status in the ER, and they contributed to someone dying from something I claimed that they have received the vaccination for, imagine how the government would react! If someone does not want that my children play with theirs, it is the right of a parent to exercise freedom of association. It would be wrong to interfere with their freedom by lying to them.

Do the right thing, to help me stay free! I’m doing the same thing for you.


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