Anger About the Measles

I never dreamed that when I set up this blog this would be what I was going to be writing about first. What difference a few days can make!

We in the vaccine safety movement are feeling a lot of anger about the ways that we are portrayed in the media because of the scare caused by the great Disneyland measles outbreak. I want to talk about why and what you can do to make things better.

I think the big problem is we sound callous. Every child that gets measles is a tragedy. If we do not treat it so it comes across sounding like we are OK with hurting others to get what we want. Nobody likes that kind of person. Nobody wants to be around that kind of person.

If I were to do what Dr. Bob suggests and ask my grandparents what measles is like they would say that to have a child in the hospital for a week who the doctor said almost certainly would come home in a box was more than a minor inconvenience to them. If you do the numbers on your own, you probably will realize that you are likely to have met a person who has been hospitalized for measles, and you certainly know a person who knows a person who did. It is essentially numerically impossible that you do not.

I understand. It’s human nature in order to downplay the negative impact of our actions. However, I’ve just done some research: all of the diseases on the CDC’s vaccination schedule have killed. ¬†All diseases recommended for small children to be vaccinated against have killed babies. That is not counting those that were hospitalized or permanently damaged with blindness, deafness, paralysis, renal failure or sterility. If we overlook what these diseases have done to these children, how can we expect people to pay attention to what has happened to ours?

If good things are to come from these unfortunate events, we need to take control of the story. Every time someone says, “measles is not too bad,” it plays right into their hands. We need to show the world that we are empathetic, responsible, intelligent, and more than anything else, it is necessary to show that we are truthful. Only then will people be willing to listen to what we are saying.